"Setting your table is everyday decorating." - Charlotte Moss“Maybe broccoli doesn’t like you either.” - Joan DideonWhen in doubt, dress up.” - Vivienne Westwood

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Google tells us that a Home Body is someone who prefers pleasures and activities that center around the home. We think that all of us who like decorative home decor are home bodies. We hope the decorating ideas of some of our muses like Yoyoi Kusama, Lucie Rie and Gaetano Pesce will inspire you too.

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Get Bold with 4th of July Party Decorations
Yayoi Kusama inspires us to have bountiful decorative party decorations. She teaches us you can never have too many polka dots...
At Home with Lucie Rie
This summer I had the pleasure of seeing a show of Lucie Rie's pottery at Kettles Yard Gallery in Cambridge,...
At Home with Gaetano Pesce, Decorative Throw Pillows and More
Gaetano Pesce is another artist who seems to love the peace and quiet of his home. In a recent article...