Hand Towel Holders

"There is nothing that does not gain in beauty when set out in order." Xenophon, (c. 430 BC – 354 BC, ancient Greek historian, philosopher and soldier.)

In the age of handwashing we are all using more paper hand towels than ever. This makes hand towel holders even more important bathroom accessories. Hand towel holders are utilitarian bathroom decor because they are important for bathroom storage and organization but that doesn't mean they should be ordinary. Afterall, most hand towel holders are in a guest bathroom. We think you'll find our selection of hand towel holders stylishly decorative - and guest worthy. Turning ordinary things into decorative things is our job! 

We believe hand towel holders should complement your paper hand towels but not compete with them. Our hand towel holders aka, guest towel holders, hand towel caddies..., let your hand towels take center stage in bathroom decor, while keeping the paper hand towels neat, pretty, and orderly.

Acrylic hand towel holders work really well with modern bathroom decor. Wicker hand towel holders are especially nice in summertime, or for beach bathroom decor. They are also a nice look for a farmhouse bathroom or country rustic home decor. You may also want to coordinate your paper hand towel holders with the motif of your decorative hand towels.

When picking out paper hand towels for party supplies or wedding supplies, don't forget the paper hand towel holders. They are a nice decorative detail and you can use them in your bathroom decor at home afterwards. Long after the disposable towels are gone, the hand towel holders will be with you. Marie Kondo would approve! 

If you choose one of our acrylic paper hand towel holders, you can make bathroom sets with the rest of our bathroom accessories like our acrylic tissue box covers, extra roll holders, and soap dishes.