Table Décor

"Setting your table is everyday decorating."
-Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss has written 10 books. Her latest is "Charlotte Moss Entertains." Charlotte is known for her attention to detail in everything she does, from decorating to writing to table setting. Interviewed for Luxe Magazine, Charlotte said, "Put yourself in the details and they will be noticed and appreciated." She also said, "A table setting is like a collage. You start with an idea, one item and build around it, layering in everything you need to complete a story." What is your story? Is it a country Thanksgiving, a rustic Christmas, a beach wedding, a 4th of July party, a bridal shower, a baby shower.....? We hope you have fun layering with our cloth napkins, table runners, paper placemats and cloth placemats to help. But the most fun will be when you bring in your personal style to table settings. Pull in souvenirs from your travels, flowers and plants to match the theme, country quilts, pottery, figurines, and any other items that will help make your table decor unique, personal and decorative.  

Table Décor by Decorators

Charlotte Moss brings her fabulous talents as a decorator to table decor. Other decorators have done the same. Sister Parish was known for being a great and innovative entertainer who made everyone at home even though she herself grew up in a rather rarified world of tea sandwiches and tea cakes. She broke all the rules like famously cutting up old quilts to make curtains. Then there is Eleanor Roosevelt, who created a social scandal by serving the King and Queen of England hotdogs when they came to visit at Hyde Park. 

The Best Table Décor

The best table decor makes table settings inviting, and Decorative Things table decor- table runners, placemats, cloth napkins- are fun table linens. Decorative Things shops the fabric markets for unique decorative fabrics to turn ordinary table decor into decorative table decor. We make all our table linens in the USA, so our cloth napkins, table runners and placemats are hot off the sewing machine. We also print paper placemats. They are hot off the press.

Our table runners are must have table décorations. You can use them for the dining room table, kitchen table, sideboard, or all of the above. Table runners are a much easier way to dress up table decor than tablecloths.

Setting a table with table linens, like cloth napkins, makes a meal feel special, but you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to use them. Americans tend to use linen table decor much less than Europeans do. In European families, each family member often has their own napkin ring, so linen napkins can be distinguished and reused for several meals.

We probably won’t change America’s table décor habits, but we hope that you will at least use our table runners, cloth napkins and cloth placemats for special occasions. Many of our table decor lends itself to holiday table settings and party table decor. It’s an annual treat to dote on Christmas and Thanksgiving table décorations. But there’s no reason you can’t reuse Thanksgiving napkins, Christmas napkins, etc. for dinner napkins or lunch napkins for table settings on other occasions too.

Another special occasion for table linens and table decor is weddings! Our cloth napkins and table runners are lovely wedding table decorations. Wedding napkins are wedding supplies you can reuse for many years. Your wedding table decor can be used as Thanksgiving and Christmas table décor, and for other special occasions after the wedding.

If you really don’t want to use cloth table linens, our paper placemats are disposable table mats you will love. Our gingham placemats are great farmhouse table décor. And other styles are more modern table decorations. We love paper placemats for kitchen placemats, dining room table mats or outdoor placemats. Disposable placemats are sanitary and easy clean up. They are great place mats for kids. As one set of our paper placemats says, “The More the Merrier.” That goes for your table decorations too.

Our cloth napkins, table runners, cloth placemats and paper placemats provide endless possibilities for table decor. It's fun to update your usual table settings with attractive table linens. Match them to the season, the occasion or the type of food you are serving. You can transform your dining room and make your dishes look new with interesting decorative table mats. When we set a table, we love to mix prints, stripes, florals, tropicals and more. As Charlotte Moss says, “Casual elegance is all about the mix.” 

The image below is from "Charlotte Moss Entertains." The book is filled with delightful lush images and table decor ideas.