Tailor to Lennon, Jagger, Twiggy, Tommy Tune, Harry Styles...


Edward Sexton tailor to the stars died July 23, 2023 in London at 80 years old. He was famous for upendeding the staid British mens wear institution, Saville Row. When his shop, Nutters, opened in 1969 it was called a "whiz bang" success. His partner,Tommy Nutter, was the front man socializing and bringing in the right kinds of clients. (Windows filled with purple and pink ostrich feathers probably didn't hurt!) And while Nutter sold the clients, Sexton created the suits that defined rock style in the 60's. Mick Jagger wore a suit designed by Sexton to his wedding to Bianca Jagger. Twiggy, John Lennon, Tommy Tune and many other style icons also wore Sexton's creations. Later, Harry Styles wore Nutter's suits, Sexton famously said he and Nutter were "just two young fellas working hard, believing in what they did." Nutter died in 1962 but Sexton worked until his death. Decorative Things salutes their good workmanship, quality and style.Their legendary partnership is missed. 

Mick Jagger wore a white Nutters suit when he married Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias in St.-Tropez in 1971.Credit...Express/Getty ImageA black and white photo of Mick Jagger, in a three-piece suit, and Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, in a white skirt suit and large hat, a veil blowing across her face.

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