Decorator Barbie


Your home decor makes your home a dreamhouse. Whatever color you dream about, color is a strong influence on your mood. The set designers of the Barbie movie created Barbie's house and filmed the movie during a grey, wet winter near London. They said people flocked to the set just to sit around Barbie's house because the colors made them feel good. 

On of the Barbie movie's set designers went back to Los Angeles and painted her bedroom pink! Why not embrace Barbie and paint your bedroom decor pink? or have a Barbie baby shower, or Barbie birthday party? If you prefer, paint a wall green like Weird Barbie's wall in the movie. Or put scribbles on your face like Weird Barbie. Check out our pink and white window valences and tissue boxes for feel good home accessories. What kind of Barbie are you? How about Decorator Barbie? 



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