Bathroom Decor

"There is nothing that does not gain in beauty when set out in order."
Xenophon, (c. 430 BC – 354 BC, ancient Greek historian, philosopher and soldier.)

In the age of Covid, we think twice before going to spas and gyms or traveling, so why not organize and make over our own bathroom decor into a relaxing spa-like oasis filled with pleasing bathroom accessories and bathroom sets. We offer a selection of the following key bathroom accessories to bring order to your bathroom decor. Even though they are ordinary bathroom storage and organization, we like to think we've give you a way to make them all decorative. 

Rejuvenating Bathroom Decor 

Here is a shot of the Italian designer Piero Fornasetti in his bathtub. He clearly loved to draw on anything, and in anything! Even the bathtub!

The first retrospective show of Forasetti's work was done by Silvna Annicchiarico who said, "The thing that always strikes me most in Piero Fornasetti's work is theatricality. Any piece of furniture is never just a piece of furniture: it is a piece of scenery, a decor, a set. An object that evokes a story, which offers a setting for a story." Piero Fornasetti himself explained this aspect of his work as follows: "The public explained to me that what I was doing was something more than decoration. It was an invitation to imagine, to think, to escape from the things that surround us, which are too mechanised and inhuman." The right bathroom decor can help make your bathroom be a place to escape and rejuvenate.

Fornasetti, like Decorative Things, believed in turning ordinary things into decorative things. Our tissue boxes turn ordinary cardbord tissue boxes into decorative things. decorative prints, some even match our shower curtains! We like to think of our unique shower curtains as stage curtains and our bathroom accessories as props. Even in the bathroom, the show must go on. 

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Fun fact: Today, Buckingham Palace has 78 bathrooms! The good news is, you only need one, and you don't have to be a Queen to make your bathroom decor into your very own palace. Every royal has their own style so we offer bathroom sets in many different options. We want you to walk into your bathroom, and out of it, feeling refreshed. Our Ortigia Sicilia bath and beauty products are made with essential oils from Sicily, a beautiful Island retreat. Your bathroom can feel like a retreat too with some great bathroom decor ideas. That's where we come in. 

When you think of bathroom decor, what comes to mind? Is it the bathroom with Julia Roberts in the bathtub at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Pretty Woman? Doris Day and Rock Hudson flirting while soaking in Pillow Talk? James Bond relaxing in his hotel suite after an amazing day? You don't have to be in a hotel, or on a movie set, to feel pampered.

Everyday bathroom accessories can be practical but luxurious. Beautiful bathroom decor is all about the materials and shapes. Unique shower curtains, mirrored bath accessories, wicker bath accessories, acrylic bathroom trash cans and wastebaskets are easy decorative bathroom ideas. Luxe batroom accessories like pretty decorative paper hand towels and tissue box covers can make bathroom decor special and give you a lift.

Modern Bathrooms, The Back Story

Think the Garden of Eden or the Roman Baths when you think bathroom decor. Your bathroom, guest bathroom, or powder room can be one of the most fun rooms in the house to decorate. Although, we take bathroom decor sets (like toilets, sinks and bathtubs) for granted, bathroom decor was not always the way it is today.

In the Middle Ages, baths were public places for socializing, celebrating, swimming gossip, etc. Kind of like modern day health clubs. However, when the plagues came, baths went out of fashion. ( Sound familiar?) 

Don't tell your kids, but King Louis the XVI (1754-1793) is said to have had only two baths in his life, both leading to him getting sick. Luckily, there was a "bathing revolution" around the time of the French Revolution. In Paris in 1790, there were 150 baths but by 1800 there were 300. Neverthless, bathing and bathrooms weren't exactly de rigueur. An 1801 survey showed that among 66 mansions, only 21 had private bathrooms. Too bad, or as the French say, "tant pis." It would have been fun to see the bathroom decor at a place like Fountainbleu.

Queen Elizabeth Stuart, was the first to have a bathroom. The flush toilet was invented for her in 1596 but it was not until the end of the 19th century that the invention began to appear in non royal British homes. (Even today, the British are not known for their bathroom plumbing or their decorative batroom decor.)

Leave it to Benjamin Franklin to bring the basics of bathroom decor to the United States. He brought the first bathtub to America and used to write in the bathtub. Early to bed, early to rise. When did he get into the bathtub? It wasn't about having decorative bathroom accessories for him. It was more functional than that.

It was not until 1810 that the first 3 piece bathroom set arrived in America(toilet, tub and sink). And not until 1851 that The White House had a bathroom set, for which Millard Fillmore was widely criticized. Such spending excess! Imagine, a decorative bathroom set! What the tabloids would have done with that.

You don't have to be a President, a King or a decorator, or excessive, to have decorative bathroom decor. Afterall, most bathrooms are quite small compared to other rooms. That makes using unique bathroom decor a fun project you can tackle in a weekend. Our fabric shower curtains, tissue box covers, decorative paper hand towels, bathroom trash cans....make it easy to decorate your bathroom. Here is a shot of one of the bathrooms at Buckingham Palace to inspire your bathroom decorating ideas.

Bathroom Accessories As Seen In...

Decorative Things has been making bathroom accessories for many years. Our bathroom decor has been featured in Elle DecorDominoHouse and GardenHouse BeautifulReal SimpleCountry Living and others. Our signature bathroom sets include bathroom trash cans, tissue box covers, paper hand towel holders, decorative paper hand towels, extra roll holders, soap dishes and shower curtains from regular to extra long shower curtains. We can make extra long shower curtains in any size you need. We've branched out to mirrored bathroom accessories, plastic bathroom accessories, wicker bathroom accessories and more.

Once you've picked out a bathroom shower curtain, bathroom trash cans, tissue box covers and other bathroom decor can orbit around it. Our selection of decorative paper hand towels is broad enough to go with almost any of our bathroom trash cans. Bathroom decor ideas can inspired by where you live. Beach bathroom decor, farmhouse bathroom decor, modern bathroom decor... all need the same accessories in a different style. 

Whether it's a hot bath or a cold shower, decorative bathroom accessories like fabric shower curtains add to the experience and help make your bathroom refreshing, rejuvenating and refined. There are complete books about different bathroom decorating styles. Marble, cedar, tile, brass, silver, the materials are endless and absorbing. Ahhhh...bathing is a wonderful ritual. Decorative shower curtains are something you can appreciate every day. But don't forget, the whole point of decorative bathroom accessories sets is to enjoy the simple pleasures of bathing. Sometimes an outdoor shower is the best of all. We'd love to hear your bathroom decorating ideas too. Send us photos of our unique shower curtains in your own bathroom decor!