Tissue Box Covers

Tissue Box Covers

“If you love something, it will work,” – Bunny Williams

At Decorative Things, we turn ordinary things into decorative things. One of our favorite items to transform is cardboard tissue boxes! When you throw the outer carton of your facial tissues away and put them into a sleek acrylic holder, you have bathroom decor that works with your look, not one that the marketing team at Kleenex or Puffs designed.

We make our tissue box covers in the USA. Mix them with our clear acrylic bathroom trash cans, toilet paper storage and soap dishes and you have an attractive bathroom set for all seasons.If you prefer a less minimal bathroom accessories than our clear acrylic tissue box holders, try our beautiful papier mache tissue box covers. They are also made in the USA and come in a variety of styles.

Tissue Box Covers as Objects

tissue box covers as decor inspiration

Our tissue box covers are inspired by the eclectic decorating style of   decorators like Bunny Williams. We love the way she turns ordinary   objects into decorative objects. We consider our tissue box covers as   ordinary things turned into decorative things. Why have those boring   cardboard generic tissue box holders by the likes of Kleenex and Puffs   when you can store your facial tissues in decorative tissue box covers to   make them decorative objets to behold.

All of our tissue box covers want you to know they are not just for   bathroom accessories They can be used for desk decor, bedroom decor   on a bedroom nightstand, anywhere you like to help keep things looking   coordinated and neat. We want you to stay healthy and well but when   you do sneeze, why not reach for a tissue and say "Bless you!" to yourself in style.