Washable Rugs

Washable Rugs

 "Decorating is autobiography." -Gloria Vanderbilt, (February 20, 1924 – June 17, 2019), American heiress, artist, fashion designer, socialite, actress, author

Claire Murray built her home decor company after moving from Manahattan to Nantucket and many of her designs reflect her new locale. Her love of the beach, gardens and Americana shine thru loud and clear. Claire is especially great at interpreting coastal decor and Americana on her colorful area rugs and throw rugs. At Decorative Things, we are big fans of her washable rugs.

Decorative Washable Rugs

The other aspect of Claire Murray rugs we love is Claire's philanthropic activitites. She has designed area rugs dedicated to causes such as palliative care, breast cancer, endangered and injured species and hospice care. Since she is so well known for garden designs, she was commissioned to create the First Ladies collection for the opening of the National Garden in 2006. Claire, like er washable rugs, throw rugs and area rugs, is an American treasures.

Claire murray rugs first ladies

claire murray rugs founder

Americana Throw Rugs

When it comes to Americana and rugs, Claire really knows her stuff and her rugs reflect her love of the art of rugs. One of our favorite throw rugs and runners is a design that is inspired by early American "penny rugs." Claire explains: "Penny rugs" was a term for rugs made in the early 1800's "when scraps were used to make colorful rugs, blankets and bed coverings with three concentric cirles as the pattern. Some historians believe the origin of the name "penny" comes from the low cost of making the rugs, and another theory is that pennies were used to weight the coverings down and make them lie flat. The pennies minted in those days were much larger than our pennies today." 

From Kitchen Rugs to Indoor Doormats

Washable Rugs Claire Murray Circles

Washable rugs are no-brainer throw rugs. They can be used for kitchen rugs, bedroom rugs, bathroom rugs, indoor doormats and even front door mats in a protected area. Although our washable rugs are made of polyester, they look like wool rugs. And best of all, these small area rugs are made right here in the USA which figures since the designs are quintessentially American. 

Many of our washable rugs are delightful beach decor rugs. They feature coastal decor motifs like mermaids, lighthouses, whales, beach cottages and many other nautical decor images. Washable rugs are particulary great for beach bathroom decor, beach kitchen decor and more. They will help keep a beach house clean. As kitchen rugs they will keep the area by your sink clean. As bathroom rugs, they will keep the water off your floors and feel good when you are barefoot. Likewise as bedroom rugs they are lovely underfoot.

You can even use washable rugs as beach themed front door mats and indoor doormats. Lighthouses are the perfect image for welcome mats. Washable rugs are also the perfect small area rugs for beach house decor to help keep out sand and have underfoot for sailors and beach goers.

beach-kitchen-rugs lighthouse decor

kitchen rugs Mermaid decor

Rustic Decor Washable Rugs and Runner Rugs

If rustic home decor is your look, then you will love the Claire Murray Log Cabin and country floral design washable rugs. Her log cabin decor themed small rugs are perfect for farmhouse decor, country decor and more. Some of the washable rugs are rectangular and others are runner rugs. The runners look great as hallway rugs in a hallway lined with antler trophies, family photos, paintings or just bare walls.

 farmhouse-decor-rugs.jpg Mountain Ash