Pierre Frey Paper Hand Towels

Pierre Frey Paper Hand Towels

Founded in 1935 by Pierre Frey, the textile company Pierre Frey is now part of French design legacy. The company is now run by Pierre's son Patrick Frey and his three sons. We are so fortunate that Caspari has licensed Pierre Frey designs for a collection of paper hand towels. The company is at the top end of the market but even if you cannot afford their upholstery and drapery fabrics and wallpapers, chances are you can afford some of their decorative hand towels to chic up your bathroom decor. And even if you can afford them, you can enjoy having these disposable hand towels to match your wallpaper or your fabric shower curtains!

No guest bathroom is complete without disposable guest towels so why not have the best. Even linen fingertip towels may not be as chic as these Pierre Frey paper hand towels. What fun to have some French bathroom accessories with French style! Pierre Frey prides itself on offering an eclectic collection of textiles. Pierre Frey paper hand towels reflect that trait. They range from elephants to cactus decor. And of course there are many geometric decorative designs as well. The color combinations and drawings on these paper hand towels are truly delightful. They will make your guests feel like they are on the Left Bank when they reach for the fingertip towels in your guest bathroom. 

Designing is a family affair for the Freys. And this is just the younger generation. No wonder the Pierre Frey designs are classic yet fresh. Their collection of paper hand towels is constantly evolving. 



Below is Patrick Frey's apartment in Paris. Luckily, we Americans don't need an apartment in Paris to have a touch of his room decoration. Just grab a few packs of his paper hand towels and your bathroom decor can have a touch of the Pierre Frey flair. Guest towels can be a decorating statement.

It's fun to think about decorating a bathroom because it's a small room and not too overwhelming. When you have designers like Pierre Frey to give you a little help with room decoration, it's even more fun! Choose a guest towel holder to complement the theme, and if you aren't sure which one, think about what Patrick would use. 




Our Jardin de Mysore paper hand towels are inspired by this Pierre Frey wallpaper. In fact, Pierre Frey translated the design onto the decorative hand towels. It's a very sophisticated design and also one of our most popular. It's wonderful to think that all across America, these paper hand towels are bringing French style to American bathroom decor.

Elephant decor is much loved all over the world. Guest towels are a unique way to introduce a little of it to bathroom decorating and room decor. You can use any of our guest towels for dinner napkins too. Why not bring a few elephants to your table decor by using these bathroom hand towels as paper napkins?

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