Outdoor Pillows

Animal Print Outdoor Throw Pillows

“where a man feels at home, outside of where he’s born, is where he’s meant to go.”  - Ernest Hemingway

Outdoor pillows make us think of adventure and locales in places famous for outdoors. Hemingway's house in Key West has both those elements. Interestingly, it's filled with trophies from Hemingway's hunts. His idea of decorative pillows is animal skins. We can't offer you those but we do have some wonderful animal print outdoor pillows, not to mention lots of palm leaves and other tropical decor sofa pillows and couch pillows that would look right as accent pillows in Key West, a Cuban finca or any other beach house. If  you are not a beach person, we have outdoor throw pillows for a country house, cabin decor in the mountains, modern farmhouse decor and more. Use any of our throw pillows indoors or outdoors! 

Outdoor Pillows Inspired by Hemingway

In the last third of his life, the ultimate outdoorsman Ernest Hemingway, lived in Cuba where he felt most at home and felt he had the privacy he needed. His home was called Lookout Farm. Fortunately, Hemingway is much loved in Cuba and the home has been preserved. The pictures below from the magazine Antiques show the room decoration and some of its treasures. Hemingway's skins shown below are his version of sofa pillows. They are truly outdoor pillows from the outdoor wilds of Africa. 



Indoor Outdoor Throw Pillows

One of our favorite examples of beach house decor these days is the beach house set on Grace and Frankie, the Netflix show starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. The house is filled with indoor outdoor pillows. Here is Frankie's meditation room. It's got lots of decorative pillows. 


Grace and Frankie's beach decor is casual chic. Here is the living room. It's all about comfort and throw pillows are an important element. The decorative pillows chosen by the set designer could be indoor or outdoor pillows. Our ikat pillows and ticking striped pillows would look right at home as couch pillows in this beach house living room.