Marimekko Paper Hand Towels

Marimekko Paper Hand Towels

"I really don't sell clothes. I sell a way of living. They are designs, not fashions. ... I sell an idea rather than dresses."Armi Ratia, Co-Founder Marimekko

Armi Ratia (1912-1979), was the co-founder and creative genius behind Marimekko, the Finnish lifestyle company she started with her husband in 1951. Now Marimekko has licensed their designs for bathroom decor. We're delighted to be part of the Marimekko tradition and hope you enjoy these beautiful decorative hand towels as much as we do, as you use them for fingertip towels and guest towels for friends and family and yourself! (You can read more about Amri Ratia, one of Finland's most successful female entrepreneurs below.)

Decorative Hand Towels Scandinavian Style

Armi Ratia was in design school when she went to work for her husband' to be's textile factory. She had the idea to use the textiles for dresses and the rest is history. There were no paper hand towels or other licensed products at the time. Armi did not do all of the decorative designs for the dresses herself. She had an eye for talent and nourished a creative community of international designers from Japan, Germany, the USA and other countries who worked for the company.

One of the most famous designs is the "Poppy," aka Unikko, that artist Maija Isola created in 1964. The Poppy as been printed on clothing, home goods and more in the Marimekko factory in Helsinki ever since. Decorative Things carries Poppy paper hand towels in many colors. Bright colored geometric and floral decorative hand towels will perk up any bathroom decor. Marimekko guest towels are particularly crisp and fresh. This You Tube video talks about how Marimekko grew after WW2 when there was a thirst for vibrant colors.

Let Marimekko Paper Hand Towels Inspire Your Bathroom Decor

Bright colors can be nice for bathroom decor. Let our Marimekko paper hand towels inspire your bathroom decorating ideas. Choose a color theme based on one of the Marimekko paper hand towels and run with it. Stripes, circles, plastic bathroom accessories, fabric shower curtains can all be coordinated with whatever colors you choose.

Colorful decorative hand towels mixed with modern bathroom decor is a great look. A pop of color among sleek marble, wood, glass, metal and other materials can be welcoming. Marimekko's worldly textile designs as translated on our decorative hand towels can be delightful decorating details. There are even black and white paper hand towels. 

Black and White Decorative Hand Towels

Bright Marimekko Decorative Hand Towels


In the Marimekko Design Studio

 Marimekko Paper Hand Towels Inspriation