Floral Paper Hand Towels

Floral Paper Hand Towels

"Some people still turn up their noses, but I think it's okay to use artificial and dried flowers and plants," Mario Buatta, (1935 –2018) 

Floral paper hand towels are a form of artificial flowers, and some of the best decorators, from Mario Buatta to Nina Campbell, are fans of artificial flowers! Nina Campbell another devotee of florals, says, “Faux flowers, false florals, new botanicals, I can’t be dealing with all these newfangled words. I just call them fake.” Floral paper hand towels let you have flowers in your powder room at all times. We've got a selection of decorative hand towels with flowers of many varieties. Gardeners and non-gardeners alike can enjoy them. Buatta was the latter. He was said to have "loved gardens but hated gardening."

Floral Decorative Hand Towels Inspiration 

Mario Buatta loved collecting. He collected many things with nature themes....cups in the shape of tulips, tureens in the shape of cabbages and lots of botanical china which he stuffed into the shelves of a red lacquer Chinese secretary. He was so enamoured of floral chintz in his decorating style that he was called, "The Prince of Chintz." We like to think of our floral paper hand towels as a bit of an homage to Mario Buatta. Here's Mario with an armload of faux flowers. 

Floral Paper Hand Towel Inspiration

Baby Shower Decorations and Bridal Shower Decorations

Floral decorative hand towels are must have bridal shower decorations and baby shower decorations. Use the pink guest towels for girl baby shower decorations and the blue for boy baby shower decorations. Having a gender reveal party? Use some of both! 

Decorative hand towels with flowers are also nice for wedding supplies. You can use them for wedding napkins at the wedding or a rehersal dinner. pretty fingertip towels, guest towels and paper napkins are one of many ways to shower the bride with flowers. 

We offer a big selection of floral paper hand towels because they can be used in so many ways. Sunflower decor floral paper hand towels are great for farmhouse bathroom decor, a rustic bathroom or a country wedding. Lillies are beautiful for an Easter party. Poinsettas for Christmas bathroom decor....Whether you are a gardener or not, we hope you will enjoy looking at our collection of decorative hand towels.