Extra Long Shower Curtains

Extra Long Shower Curtains

Choose the Right Length Shower Curtain for Your Shower

Here’s some good news for tall people, or just people who have high ceilings: extra long shower curtains! Extra long shower curtains can be hard to find but seek no more. We do any of our fabric shower curtains 84", 96 inch, you name it! Or, let us make you custom shower curtains.

Unique shower curtains can make a big difference in bathroom decor, whether it's a large or a small bathroom. It's important to get just the right length shower curtain. And it helps to be able to realize your bathroom decorating ideas, when you can choose from many fabrics. Extra long shower curtains are one of our specialties. We make our custom shower curtains right here in the USA.

Decorating Ideas for Extra Long Shower Curtains

Sometimes off the shelf shower curtains are just not what you need. That's where we come in. We make extra long shower curtains in any of our decorative fabrics. Our decorative fabrics make unique shower curtains. Our extra long shower curtains are available in 84 inch or 90 inch or any custom length you desire. And they are all fabric shower curtains which makes them extra special.
You wouldn't have a dress that was too long or too short, so make sure your bathroom curtains are the right length too. There's nothing worse than bathroom decor that has a shower curtain that is too short. Extra long shower curtains to the rescue!

Our Tommy Bahama Swaying Palms fabric shower curtains are divine as extra long shower curtains. After all, palm trees are tall like giraffes and tall people. And they can bring a little refreshing greenery to bathroom decor where it is sometimes hard to grow plants.

Another of our favorite fabric shower curtains are our black and white shower curtains. These bathroom curtains have a real Dorothy Draper decorator look and are quite striking. They look great in any length but it's nice that they are available in regular or extra long shower curtains.

If you are doing a beach decor or nautical decor bathroom, you may like our anchor or any of our stripe shower curtains. They make wonderful nautical shower curtains. Of course that's true about any of our fabric shower curtains. So pick your favorite! And let us know if you want regular or extra long shower curtains and we're at your service.

And don't forget, besides the decorating style that extra long shower curtains afford, they can save your floors from water damage!