Toilet Paper Storage

Toilet Paper Storage

"A home should suggest a life being lived...." Rita Konig, Designer and Writer

Toilet paper storage is a necessity but why not make it attractive bathroom decor. Our acrylic toilet paper holders are functional while being discreet and unobtrusive. And you can make them into bathroom sets with our other acrylic bathroom accessories like our bathroom waste cans, tissue box covers and soap dishes. 

We make our acyrlic extra toilet roll holder in two sizes. One holds one extra roll of toilet paper and another holds two. With all the toilet paper shortage issues in the age of Covid, a "just in case," extra roll is good to have.

Our toilet paper holders will work as freestanding toilet paper holders in a small bathroom where bathroom storage space is limited. Or as extra toilet roll holders in a large bathroom. Bathroom organizers have to work in tandem with the size of a bathroom, small or large. 

At Christmas time, we offer Christmas toilet paper for Christmas bathroom decor and other funny toilet paper for gag gifts. This year it may be hard to keep in stock. Who knows, toilet paper holders and other must have bathroom accessories could become very popular gifts too.