From Home Decor to Hot Dogs

From Home Decor to Hot Dogs

Jul 18th 2021

This summer one of the designers we admire most has taken to selling hot dogs! You might be able to guess that it's Ralph Lauren, one of the most All-American designers of all time and what could be more American than Hot Dogs? After my perusal of the Home Decor floor in his beautiful store in a mansion on Madison Avenue, it was lovely to come out and get a hot dog from his Hot Dog Truck! 

Just in case you're interested, I will share with you what I saw inside! Lovely paisley and animal print throw pillows for the sofa or the bed, blue and white linens for table decor or bedroom decor, and many accessories to pick up room decoration. All very classic and very All-American. Many of our own summer cloth napkins and  paper placemats would have fit right in. I hope that if you need some summer party decorations, you will shop our party supplies and other home accessories. Many of them go really well with hot dogs and hamburgers and you can buy them right here in the Decorative Things online store. 

xoxox Leslie

Chief Gatherer