Beach Theme Bathroom Hand Towels

Beach Theme Bathroom Hand Towels

Beach theme bathroom hand towels are not just for beach house decor! Decorative hand towels with mermaids, palm trees, seashells, lighthouses and anchors are right at home in coastal decor bathrooms anywhere. Add a Claire Murray washable rug with a mermaid or seashells and you are all set, even if you are miles from the beach! Paper hand towels are must have beach bathroom decor. As our one of our funny bathroom decor paper hand towels says, "You Never Know How Many Friends You Have Until you Get a Summer House." And besides, who wants be be doing laundry when you can be at the beach?  

Beach theme bathroom hand towels are great for beach parties, beach weddings and clambakes! Use them for dinner napkins too. Paper napkins are summertime essentials, especially at the beach. All that delicious melted butter on lobsters, and yummy fruits like watermelon, can be a real mess! Kids and adults who need to wash their hands will love our paper hand towels with a beach decor motifs. 

Beach Theme Bathroom Decor Ideas 

One of our favorite "beach houses" is Tenants Harbor Lighthouse in Maine. Andrew Wyeth bought it and now his son Jamie lives there. Beach theme bathroom hand towels with lighthouses are lovely fingertip towels and guest towels for lighthouse lovers who don't own a real lighthouse! 

Beach Bathroom Decor Paper Hand Towels Inspiration